Monday, January 26, 2009

the memo i missed

so its monday and i really havent been in any mood to rant.. i have been in a jaded state u know. but today i realized maybe i should say something it might help with the pain lolol

so yesterday my tank was on quarter tank. i am thinkin no sweat will get it on my way to work tomorrow.. so this morning comes.. i see the tank . i am like na will get gas on my way back from work.. so then around 6pm an hour to close a customer comes in and is like there is mad traffic because of fuel scarcity. i am like what the bleep.. where is that coming from.. did i miss some random secret meetin that was to annouce to my fellow nigerians that hey today we are goin to be queuing up for fuel.. well i really got lucky and by the second gas station i got to it wasnt as roudy as the first and i got real lucky... so yeap ur man has a full tank of gas and i am feelin like a G now..

oh the other thing in nigeria is u need to carry cash on u.. well thank God i wasnt been an accountant this evenin otherwise i'd be broke on hand but almost ok in the bank..

so another story before i wrap up.. now this story def shook me up a little... i wasnt sure if i should really even talk about it.. or just get my passport and get the next flight back to civilization :).. real talk..

so i am comin home in the evenin around 12am to be precise.. hmm well the timing was a little bad but hey there were cars on the road. so then my car gets clipped by an SUV.. now i am on the outer lane around a roundabout and this guy probably didnt guage his turnin very well so he hits me.. i am thinking FUCK.. bad timing.. wrong time.. i dont even want to deal with this now u know its not like i can call geico or even the cops to come and mediate things.. speakin of cops.. there were actually soldiers a stone throw away.. back to my story so i get down to assess my car i am like its cool. not bad just a bumper scratch.. then i the guy does the same and i am like to him oga how u dey drive... ? u know thinkin damn this accident could have gotten a whole lot worse well thank God i can drive away and the car isnt bad at all..

then the dude flips out and says what do i mean. that i hit him.. i am like what.. he is like i came into his lane.. i am like dude whatt... so we are goin back and forth and the guy is like get out of ur car.. i am like no.. ur car is fine. and 2 we are both not agreein on whose fault it is. that lets keep it moving.. bear in mind this guy was like a 45 yr old hausa man..... i am like i am not gettin out that i am goin to drive off.. then dude is like sayin if i drive off he is goin to shoot my tires out.. and he is like tryin to open the passengers side like he is tryin to get something out.. so my ass sobers up and says.. ok this is not a good situation.. now obviously some scenarios run thru my head.. now my car can easily outrun his.. but one the roads are bad and 2 if the dude has a bad aim.. that will really suck for NS.lolol so the easiest thing i could do was get out of the car.. and sober up.. at this point i am like ok sir its my fault i am sorry.. yes sir blah blah blah.. so he is sobering up sayin he doesnt care who my father is.. lol i am thinkin wow this isnt good. then he is like he could call the soldiers and ask them to confiscate the car that he knows what i did andhe doesnt have to let the soldiers know his rank.. i am like i am sorry sir it wont happen deep inside i am thinkin something else.. anyway so we both drive off and i see the guy driving like 30 miles an hr an i am thinkin this is odd. i hope he isnt waitin for me to overtake him and then he follows me.. so i am like u know what i cant keep this slow i will gun it and hope to outspeed him.. so i hit the gas go past him and the dude is still at the same pace and i am like hmmm this dude is not ok.. he probably was high or drunk and obviously bad tempered..

but yeap thats my story .

ns still loves the haters n the government