Sunday, May 6, 2007

Fela never die o

so it must have been like the 29th of April, bassey aka bad prof was like yo he heard on the radio that some band dedicated to fela music was gonna be in town playing live that day.. we thinking all business was like hmm you know we got some fela inspired designs.. we better fall thru and break into a new and different market $$$ lol it wasnt like i had any major plans that night. so i pulled out my nepotism tee.. if u know as little as i do about fela u will know this is one word that can be attributed to him. anyway bassey pulls his old school Zombie tee.. so now we are fresh in NS gear and head to the place.

There wasnt much surprise there at all .. u know u cant expect much from an all white band with exception of one brother singing about the struggles and injustices of the black man in africa.. but u know what.. they tried tho... i had more appreciation for fela after this show... his music.. the arrangement .. the composition no be small thing man.. anyway enjoy the pics..

Fela himself
Yeap he was jamming
I'd rather watch african students group dancers. :-) u know they were not really droppin it.

the dancers again

NS in the building bassey and Olumide

dude tried tho.. didnt really get the pronounciations right..

this was how we were welcomed to the spot. ("no more than ten or eleven ppl on the elevator. or you will die"

NS Zombie

the place was packed and yess.. and not to anyones surprise mary jane was present