Sunday, March 11, 2007

Who shot ya???

Not really a fan of anything that has to do with guns... but if u havent tried paintball. u need to..
ait so my boy abdul set the whole thing was suppose to big a big crew..but stories.. at the end of it all.. it was myself abdul and his girl amy...woke up early sat headed to army base in frederick.. story story got lost..

probably encounterd a racist dog.. u had to be there but it was hilarious.. check this we were pretty much in "we will call it country side" pickup trucks every where.. farms with to say the least we were out of place.. abdul somehow got the wrong address.. anyway so we are all a little tense cuz we are lost, been on the road longer than we should.. so we were about to make a left turn out of know where we heard a loud woof woof... we were all startled then we bursted out laughin.. the barks game from a car that drove past us...shiiiii it felt like u were in an assembly and some one throws a banger.. knockout. fireworks into the crowd.. lol.. crazy

anyway we eventually got there.. we met a family there. the kids were no older than 12.. u should have seen how they were praising and braggin about their guns.. they had magazines super this.. super that.. special this..better balls.. guns with itchy trigger. shooting like 12 balls per sec... i bet they have like 2 real guns each and get this for vals day one of the kids got a bucket of paintballs. lolo but they were good ppl.. very good ppl i must add.. but just different
so the first game was myself, abdul and amy.. we were obviously mismatched and lacked experience but we got them the first game and then the rest was stories.. i probably got killed like 8 times..

the rush is unbelievebale tho.. i was actually scared like oh shit i dont want to die lol... i gast to maintain and represent for my ppl.. NS aint for no punks.. we go down like gangstas... yeah right.. lol twas fun tho at times hilarious... Amy's tactic was hide behind a bunker stick ur gun out and just keep shooting... lololo ..
anyway i only took a few pics so here they are but it was fun. I think we might even make an NS team..
so ur boy got shot in the face...

my messy jeans

so abdul really got into it. crawling on the ground

loading up

abdul ready for war

testing his aim

Amy and Abdul

hmmm who shot u in the leg??? i wonder

abdul and i