Thursday, March 8, 2007

NS is in the building

Repeat after me .. NS got its mojo back.. ok one more time NS GOT ITS MOJO BACK BABY.... lol yeap we are not even bringin sexy back we are bringin the swagger back. Yessir and we are killin it..

anyway i am in a little bit of a playful mood.... so u nice ladies out there can holla at ur favorite ppl at ns 0802318101456 lol

anyway things are lookin a lot better. finally ordered the tees.. we are puttin some finishing touches on some of the designs... U better love it.. cuz this shit aint gettin easier.. we are out here working our asses off to lace u in top notch gear.. so pretty pls make us proud...

a few changes.. we stepped our clothing game up... we moved to American Apparel blanks.. to those who dont know. google it.. they will tell u all that shit like made in the US.. sweat shop free(v.good thing by the way) but we dont care about all that.. all we care about is. them tees are so freaking smooth.. soft.. plus it fits better.. more grease to our elbows i must say.... and this is coming to u at no additional charge... we just feel u deserve more.. awwww ( as we cry to the bankruptcy bank)

anyway pics of the day..

i went to the printers place.. we had 2 jobs we are workin on.. one is a contract job and the other is NS... 950 pieces and 625 pieces... i told u we got our mojo back.

check out some pics..

let the colors rain baby