Saturday, December 29, 2012

sometimes we forget to live

As we all have so many memories that we are either too lazy to capture or too busy to organize, i am not sure where to categorize this or even if my take is a valid humane one.

So yesterday while driving to 3cousins bbq, I saw heavy smoke coming from a building, my first reaction was this is not a controlled fire and it definitely shouldn't be here in this neighborhood, out of curiosity i decided to make the left turning to see what was really going down.

Making the left, I realized I could recognize a few folks outside a gate and one was running with his fire extinguisher, I parked my car, opened my trunk and decided to do the civic thing.

At this point there was a crowd and eventually the fire was contained. I was thinking ok the worst is over and the landlord probably just needs to dig into his pocket and manage the unexpected expense..

Out of no where, i hear a lady screaming!!! I look and a man is walking arms stretched out to his side, skin peeled off pretty much 75percent off his body burnt up, his toes curled up. He didnt say anything and he just walked. It was unreal, I figured he was definitely in SHOCK but he was definitely a strong man .. next thing you hear is a man yelling EVERYONE SHOULD GET OUT OF THE COMPOUND, ( mixed feelings , the people in the compound helped put the fire out, but i guess they were not welcomed guest but where was he when folks were scrambling to put the fire out.

I stepped away from the main gate, walked towards where my car was parked and i see a car reversing into the gate and i am thinking, these folks better not try and put the burnt up man in the car like that.
i really couldn't stand to watch anymore so i drove off.  when i got home i decided to google burn victims and healing process.

I was told today that the man didn't make it.  A part of me was sad but very relived because based on what i saw and what i read and knowing we are in NIGERIA, death may be the easiest exit for him

pretty sad,