Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We love Justina! Check out her new brand.

NAMi is proud to present its debut Spring / Summer Footwear collection...available at http://www.agnesandlola.com/
About NAMi:
NAMi is a women’s wear Label founded in 2011, by its creative director Justina Job. The founder is a Nigerian Born, Austrian national who is also an Architecture Graduate from the University of Manchester.  
“NAMi embodies the cultural aspects of my life in a design form. By using my Western upbringing along with my African heritage I use the two extremes to form my labels design language.” – Justina Job     
NAMi’s ethos is to challenge Western and African notions of luxury and style by combining them. In essence we aim to create a label that caters to the lifestyle of a client that lives, works, and plays in both worlds.     
This is why our products range from footwear to resort collections, and focus on creating exclusive, inspired and unique pieces.  In addition, we place a high level of emphasis in producing the highest standards in quality and we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and exclusivity.  All NAMi products are handcrafted in Nigeria by our highly trained and skilled design team and are often produced in limited quantities.