Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Paradigm Change

A lot changes when you live in nigeria. imagine soldiers going to war and they have been told they will be traveling through the thickets jungle possible? You can imagine all they will prepare for mentally, physically and all the provisions they  must carry.  now the same soldiers are told " hey you are going to Disney land once the Jungle exercise is over.
I am sure you can imagine how much more they have to prepare for mentally, physically and all the provisions they do not have to carry.

Its not that i travel a lot, but something changes in me once I am up in the air. Really I forget if  I am going or coming and if i am well prepared mentally and physically and well packed for the soldiers or civilians i see when i get there.

You can imagine me waking up looking at my phone battery life and running to get my charger in the states? or thinking why can't i run to the store at 10pm to buy groceries in nigeria or should i let this car pass or horn and give him the you are MAD sign? or  thinking this is odd ? is this the end of the world or am i the only one alive ? how come there is no one on the roads hawking, fighting, selling stolen phones, begging, washing your windshield, pissing, shitting behind the bush? 

Its 6am here, guess i am still jet lagged but my mind really isnt sure where it is now, i am sure in time i will adjust to the peace and civility but only for a short while, the jungle is not a place for Dreamers and Poets, and the wolves and vultures will eat the unprepared soldier.