Thursday, March 8, 2012

RE: To Kony 12

Rosebell provides a constructive reply to Kony 2012

I had mixed feelings about the KONY 12 video yesterday when I watched it, the beginning was irrelevant to me and I felt there was to much attention on the Director and his son, but nonetheless in a way I appreciated the effort and posted it on the blog.

Yes you might say they had a "I Will Save Africa" complex which isn't really the way to go about it, but they did something. I think its very easy to sit down and judge from your keyboard. If it really upset you, log off Facebook, log off Twitter, preferably wear a Ns tee :) , leave your house and go and make a difference in the world.

Once again I dont completely agree with the video, or the facts that came out of it. But they did something, even if their motives are questionable, they saved at least 1 persons life.