Monday, February 6, 2012

sometimes i forget to miss it all

so inbtw my multitasking and trying to get a dollar out of cowry shells, 4 words hit me hard they were familiar words but new emotions, so i opened my word document/ closed my eye and the words came to me.

Feb 2012

I miss it all

Like the seed in a desert
With no rainfall in sight
I miss it all
The little things
The everythings
The nothings
I miss them all

I miss it all
I will say it again and again

And I always will

to my surprise when trying to save this in my folder i saw the same words from not too fast past.

Oct 2011
I Miss it all

I miss it all
The poetry
The heart breaks
The inspiration
The love
The lust
The fights
The food
The muse
The fantasy
The yearning
I miss it all