Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hmmm... African Michael Jackson!!

The Entertainer! live from NS HQ
Yes... The African Michael Jackson. FILE!


I am an entertainer and a business man…

Wow…. Obviously be the biggest brand from the new age Africa.. that has become global and is highly competing with the international global brand…

I love what I do…

I was told a good name is better than silver and gold..and I have been told what I do has given me not only a good name but the best known house hold name.. what more can a man ask for….

First believe in God then Believe in yourself,be determined and follow your heart.

Convincing don jazzy to come back to naija.. in 2004…

yeah.. work as an executive director for the koko brand.. koko lounge.. koko mobile.. koko mansion.. to mention a few

I am my own own boss

Like to watch movies

I am always wearin my glasses…

Older than don jazzy

Koko lounge..

Spend time with kokolets

Drink my koko juice(my own special juice)

Studio time

Performin on stage

My glasses

Don jazzy


Pray.. doesn’t matter where

Paid a lot of money to perform and a big gig filled with kokolets and babylets

stupid question.... D'Banj

have not eaten but will be eatin moi moi


Kitchen.. great chef a must

O shey o.. to all babylets kokolets.. fans who have made me who I am today.. African Michael Jackson signin out..