Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a conversation with fam

so my cousin and i were going back and forth via email on the corruption and the exploits of a more than enough con men and the extent they go to try to take food from ur plate and starve ur kids and generations to come...

now grant it the excerpt is out of context.. u should still get the gist

"On a serious note ns is my revolution just keep spreadin the word the love and the motto ns changin attitudes it was never by chance that I developed the slogan ns is going to make a change at the point when we have a bigger audience the propaganda will begin hence a new dawn for revolution and they by then would have never seen us coming then they will be judged by the masses and and we the peasants will stand over the corrupt and fake noble men and demand they acct for the bs they are bringing upon us and our generations to come .

So help me God

Ns. Revolution "

now i hope at the time u r called for the revolution you wont let ur country down and we will be one nation under ns under GOD

ns loves u more
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