Saturday, March 14, 2009

inbtw nowhere..

so i am back in the country..... i am sure most ppl didnt know i left and i am also sure most ppl didnt even know i was around in the states.. do u get what i am sayin..? well hope u do sha.. cuz its like i am def. in btw nowhere.. olumide in limbo.. so how does it start.. through my first months back in naija...i kinda felt like an outsider u know just workin here with my home in the states..i was cool with the idea.. but then this my past trip i realized i was just a guest in a place i once called home .aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww lolol well it was weird.. i really saw it as a temporary thing which it was and i had a strong urge to get back in to the mix in gidi... so now i am back and i sayin to myself what was it again i was runnin back to.. so there lies my dilemma in 2009.

so far what i have experienced in 24hrs and i cant make this up.... when customs guy stop ur car in traffic on the road and they are askin for all kind of car documents like bill of ladin and other stuff to show proof of how the car was shipped in.... even if they claim u dont have it and u have eventually bribed ur way thru it after his threats that ur customs documents aren’t complete and he will tow ur car away u and he has seen more money in ur wallet so u better pay more, u should still go thru the paperwork carefully cuz u might just have had the document and the cop was just tryin to pull a fast one on u cuz of ur inexperience. yippee... up nigeria and all the fools that keeps it going..

Thieves do rob churches as in inside the churches....