Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yeah Baby NS is live

SO we are up live now. the most anticipated NS collection ever.. (clears throat) if you dont believe me go ask your mother.. lol

Yeap its up you can finally see the collection that is steppin our game up.. the shirts are fiyah.. cooler designs, more colors and oh yeah AA... american apparel tees.. Yo the tees are so soft and smooth on the are gurantteed to feel sexy all over :) ... make sure u take a picture at that moment and send it to NS corporate we want to see ur pretty faces for the ladies and for the guys.. 'in a DEEP voice.. yo dawg.. send some pics of u rocking NS tee with like 5 dimes on your side... keep the pimpin alive.. the world needs it lol do it for the kids do it for Ns lololol..

NS loves you more...

might upload pics ..

much respect